3D plot works in octave/batch but not from total commander

Dear reader,

I wonder if you have any hints for me regarding this issue:

I created a 3D bar plot which works when I execute the sript in Octave “Octave-7.2.0”, for example:

When I execute the same script via a batch it still works:

c:\temp\Programme\GNU Octave\Octave-7.2.0\mingw64\bin\octave.exe" --persist --quiet m:.…\plot_markov.m file_with_data.txt

But when I execute the script via total commander - embedded like this:

I get this error message:
error: out of memory or dimension too large for Octave’s index type
error: called from
axis_limits at line 57 column 10
zlim at line 60 column 7
m:.…\plot_markov.m at line 81 column 1
error: set: “dataaspectratio” must be greater than 0

I expected to get the figure like before (when I executed the script in Octave).

My system:
Windows 10 Pro
. Downloaded and installed “octave-7.2.0-w64-installer.exe” from Download
Total Commander Version 10.50.64 bit (2022-07-07)

  • Are you running the same file? In one place you’re calling plot_markov.m and in the other you’re calling markov_plot.cmd. Are they the same?

  • One way that dataaspectratio can become 0 is that the data was not read from the file. Can you verify that the data file name is being passed correctly to the script?

  • You can always add disp statements inside your m-file and see what differences crop up between your second case and third case.

Dear arungiridhar,

thank you very much for your fast response!
With your help I could manage to get it work now - one function was not called - which I could solve now by adding the path in my script:


I have one other basic question… - in my plot I would prefer all numbers for x and y axis in a non scientific format (e.g. like 19843 instead of 1.9843 e+04) - do you have another hint for me?


You can try xticklabels / yticklabels / zticklabels to set the various labels as you need to. Once I set it, it goes into fixed notation not scientific notation. There may be better techniques though.