Add `CITATION.cff` to repository?

Would we like to add a CITATION.cff file to the repository?

Citation File Format (CFF)
CITATION.cff files are plain text files with human- and machine-readable citation information for software (and datasets). Code developers can include them in their repositories to let others know how to correctly cite their software.

I generated a file with the information I could find across other files in the repository.
If we would like to add that, we could use something similar to that: CITATION.cff (1.1 KB)

As we already have a CITATION file in the sources that contains a the info in BibTeX format, could the CFF format info be added? I guess that doesn’t help for things like github that search for the .cff file itself?

@mmuetzel looking at the documentation of that format, I do not see what is the benefit of it compared to Octave having yet another file where we forget to update the release date and version? :sweat_smile:

There are a few tools listed which convert this format to others. Can it be displayed on GitLab/Hub or can tools like Mendeley or Zotero import those citations easily?

Mostly when you write a publication in LaTeX or Word, all you need is Bib(La)Tex or a plain citation string, which is what we already got in CITATION.

Similar mood when CFF and its support in github were discussed here:

What would perhaps be more useful is having a DOI for each Octave release, something similar to what was done for the Image Package:

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Thanks for the pointers @Guillaume :slightly_smiling_face:

Summarizing the benefit of maintaining this file is that we get in GitHub something like this in

No strong opinion for or against it. In general it is not bad, however not a well established format yet (many [breaking?] revisions can be expected) and Octave has only a clone in GitHub. The major development happens still in the Mercurial/Savannah universe.