Add new forum category to upload m-files

I think you should add a new category to this forum where people can upload m-files that can be of use. Users can upload m-files there in separate topics and add a description. Minimal effort from your side. It’s probably searchable.

If there is a place to upload m-files already you can forget this but I didn’t find any.

Basically you can add (attach) m-files to any topic or posting.

Interesting suggestion, but I have doubts about the usefulness of such a category. Without proper moderation, it will soon result in a “rubbish bin of dead code”:

  • Just imagine how many files will be called “quick_fix.m”, “fast_workaround.m”, “better_output.m” and the author might not be likely to document this code, the purpose, etc. that it can be found by anyone for another useful purpose again.
  • Discourse does not display (preview) the content of attachments (except pictures): who will download a file, named like mentioned above, to find out if it contains any useful code for his purpose?
  • Discourse also lacks (for good reasons) of an in-attachment search feature you cannot even get a clue which files might be useful for you.

If you really have a great code (snippet) to share, create in the community category a thread explaining the usefulness of your code, maybe displaying all its contend using the fenced ``` code feature and using the Discourse search function it is fully seach&findable :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need to share a bigger portion of code for temporary purpose, you can use many paste&bin pages or, … If you code turns out to be of greater use, consider creating a package out of it GNU Octave - Packages.

-condition that the file has to be a whole function, not just a work around or fix.
-also condition that it has to clearly be documented or it will be deleted.
-also condition that the thread title has to be descriptive because that is what will be used in searches.

people can like the thread which would indicate if it is any good.

It kinda sounds like you are looking for a file sharing service similar to the MathWorks File Exchange?

If so, I don’t think this forum is the right place to try to provide something like that. I think hosting something like that would be an admirable goal, but please not here. :pray:

why not here? everything in one place, minimal effort to set up.

So that’s a yes, right? You are looking to have something like an Octave File Exchange?

I don’t think this is the right place because this is a discussion forum, not a file sharing site. The use case and features don’t line up. @siko1056 and the other admins and moderators didn’t sign up to take on that kind of work load or functionality when this forum was set up. Everything in one place is not always a good thing.

yes, that’s a yes

recruit some moderators?

@gosim you seem very convinced of your project and I don’t want to stand in the way of good new ideas. If you want to give it a shot, I can give you admin rights and you can lead this project here.

Note, that we are only allowed to have 5 admins in total, thus for you to become admin of this forum, I will step down to give you “my slot” :wink:

i don’t have time, just an idea.