Add Octave installer to new Microsoft Store?

MS have changed their policy for their app store. (What they call “Microsoft Store” in Windows 10 and upcoming Windows 11.)
Previously, only(?) UWP apps were allowed into the store. But IIUC they recently opened it for Win32 apps, too:
Building a new, open Microsoft Store on Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog

Do we want to add our installer to their store?

I only had a quick look at it. So, I might have missed some points.
To be able to add apps to their store, one has to be registered in their Microsoft Partner Network. Afaict, that comes without any costs.
It is not clear to me if that partner can also be a private person or must be a business.
That partner could then submit the installer. See the video and pre-registration links close to the bottom of this page:
Publish apps and games to the Windows Store – Develop for Microsoft

What do you think? Should we invest time in this?

Sounds like a nice idea. However, I will be of little help in this project :innocent: