Add partial differential equation package

For the past several years, I have been developing a partial differential equation (PDE) solver that is
somewhat similar to the MATLAB pdepe function in that it handles PDE in one spatial dimension and time. Most input that pdepe accepts will also work in my solver (which I call pde1dm).

I would like to include pde1dm in the Octave Forge package collection.
I see on the Forge site that there is some mention of “External” projects but
it isn’t clear to me exactly what this means. I am currently using
GitHub for pde1dm development: here.
The code consists only of m-files.

If I simply tar and compress the contents of this repository, I have
verified that this file can be installed in Octave 7.1 with the pkg install

Can someone please tell me how I should proceed?


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Two links for you:

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Many thanks for the links!
The documentation on those pages is very helpful.

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Please do let us know if you run into trouble. Hopefully it should be easy to integrate since you’re using only m-files.

Thank you so much for your initiative in creating this PDE package.

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