Anyone know what liboctave/numeric/base-min.h is used for?

I can’t find any usage of liboctave/numeric/base-min.h in Octave core. I tried removing the file from the directory and the Octave build system and there are no errors.

Is this used by an Octave Forge package? Otherwise, we can prune the Octave code base and just remove it.

Looking at the old changelogs, it seems likes a common interface for LP, QLP, etc. solver, which probably was used in the younger 90s years of Octave. However, @rik you are right it is not used and nothing implements this interface. I cannot imagine that any Octave Forge packages makes use of this interface, it seems safe to remove it :innocent:

It looks like something I created long ago when I was first thinking about how to organize data that is common to typical numerical tasks.

If it is not used in Octave now then I think we could just remove it.

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Great, I removed the file in this cset: octave: 11bda5cb45b5.

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