Anyone know what liboctave/util/sparse-sort.[h|cc] are used for?

While reviewing liboctave code for the “m_” renaming project I found two files that are apparently unused:

The file sparse-sort.h is included in so I commented that #include out and then removed both files from the Octave build system. I was able to compile Octave just fine without them.

Is this another case of dead code that we could get rid of?

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Yes, it looks like dead code to me. I don’t see any references to the classes or functions declared in the header file anywhere outside of those two files and seems unlikely that anyone would be using them, so it is fine with me if you just remove them.

I removed the dead code in this cset octave: 58fb9432217b.

Very satisfying to be finding and streamlining the Octave code base.