Automatic variable argn

In the release notes for 6.1, I found it mentioned that argn was broken, to be fixed later. It is still broken in 6.2 (Windows version) or has it been removed?


Could you please point to where you read that?

IIUC, the automatic variable argn was never really documented (only indirectly mentioned). And it was removed for Octave 6. I don’t know of any plans of bringing it back. But I could be wrong.

See also: GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #59401, Automatic variable argn no longer works on Savannah

I searched this forum for it first. Found this,

:white_check_mark: bug #59401 1: Automatic variable argn no longer works
Decided to fix later:


Afaict, that particular bug is not listed in the “decided to fix later” part of that post. Instead, it looks to me like it was marked as done (probably as “won’t fix”?).

@jarek In that post, “Decided to fix later” was a heading for the next set of bug reports, not a comment about bug #59401.

In any case, argn won’t return. What does it provide that inputname doesn’t?

Asking for the name of the variable that was used in the statement that called the currently executing function is a weird thing do to. In general ,the argument might not be a variable. It could be any expression. What languages other than Matlab have a feature like this?