Call for translations for Octave 8

The translation files have been updated for Octave 8:
octave: 76140113e6cc (

To any interested translators: Please, update the respective translation files and upload them to Savannah (or here):
GNU Octave - Bugs: bug #63404, Translation files (*.ts) for… [Savannah]

Trying to CC as many translators as possible here:
@jgpallero, @ovari, @Pantxo, @PhilipN, @Tatsuro_Matsuoka, @ttl

We’ll probably also reach out to past translators via email shortly.

The email address of Danius V. (the translator for Lithuanian) seems to no longer exist. Please, let us know if you have updated contact details for Danius V. or you are interested in becoming the new translator for Lithuanian (or any other language).