Can a plot/object in a figure behave as a marker?


After command


a single marker (circumference) is drawn at coordinates (1,1). Ok, no problem.
If I change anything in the figure window (size, position, etc) or in the axes (xlim, ylim, etc), the marker does not change its size. Ok, no problem.
But, if I drawn a circumference with this:

axis([0.9 1.1 0.9 1.1]);

And if I change anything in the figure window or in the axes, the circumference will change too (at least, on screen). Ok, no problem with this since a plot is not the same as a marker.

Is it possible, based on the figure window properties and the axes properties, to create a plot/object that if anything is changed on the figure (size, aspect ratio, xlim, ylim, etc…) the plot/object will adapt it self accordingly to always “look the same”? In other words, such plot/object should work as a marker.

Thanks in advance

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I think I don’t understand what your intent is, but it looks like what you are looking for is plot objects with absolute coordinates (units). AFAIK only do container objects (figure, axes) and some ui objects (uipanel, uicontrol, uitable) such feature, i.e. a unit property that can be set to absolute coordinates such as points, inch, centimeters as opposed to relative coordinates (normalized to their parent object bounding box).

Here is an example of an axes that won’t be rescaled when you resize its parent figure, unfortunately its anchor won’t change either:

hax = axes ("units", "centimeters", "position", [2, 2, 5, 5]);
plot (hax, 1:10)

Thanks. I will take a look on this. :+1: