**"Can not find script file D\...octave.vbs"**

"Can not find script file D…octave.vbs"

I can’t to open the Software. When I try to open it’s shown the message: "Can not find script file D…octave.vbs"

Please, Help me.

My system

  • Memory: 92GB free in D
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Octave version: Version 6.2.0
  • Installation method: Downloaded and installed “octave-6.2.0-w64-installer.exe” from https://www.octave.org/download.html

Thanks for your problem description. What is drive D: on your PC? Is it an external harddisk or network drive?

  • Maybe your system does not allow to execute scripts from external drives?
  • Does the file D:\...\octave.vbs really not exist (checking with MS Windows Explorer or alike)?

There is no version of Octave with this number. Are you sure you downloaded the correct file from www.octave.org?