Candidate for internal fluid flow package

Hi. I developed an Octave library with functions to solve problems to internal fluid flow, based on Colebrook-White/Poiseuille/Darcy-Weissbach equations. I would like to know if it fits as a Octave package. If so I also need instructions.

It sounds like a good topic for a package. Instructions for making one are here

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I build the .yaml file and the source repository according to instructions but I can’t pull a request. Guess I got lost on the instructions.

Do you have a GitHub account? Otherwise you can just send your yaml file here and I upload it for you.

I do have an account on Github, but anyways here goes my .yaml file. As I said, I adapted it to my package the best I could. There are a couple fields however that I could not fullfill.

internal-fluid-flow.yaml (1.14 KB)

I can’t find a repository at
Are you sure that is the correct URL and the repository isn’t private?

You’re wrigh! I’m sorry. I’ve just set it to public. Thank you

Thank you @aumpierre . Let’s continue this discussion on New package: "internal-fluid-flow" by siko1056 · Pull Request #130 · gnu-octave/packages · GitHub and I filed a request in your repository Issues · aumpierre-unb/Internal-Fluid-Flow-for-GNU-Octave · GitHub.