Change font in offline documentation in Octave Gui

I am an octave GUI user. When I seek for offline (on disk) documentation for any function, then it looks like the below image -

The font in the documentation makes it very difficult to read. Especially the text in italics and brackets is almost unreadable.

It would be better if we change the font to a much bolder font with larger size.

Install Roboto font on your computer.

In Octave.css, the font-stack for verbatim elements (code, pre, samp, …) is as follows:
'Fantasque Sans Mono', 'Courier New', Cousine, Courier, monospace.

So in order to have the documentation display correctly in the GUI, I think you need to have one of those installed on your computer.

I already have this font installed on my pc. Can you share a screenshot of how the documentation looks with proper fonts installed?

@Pantxo I have courier font already installed. However, if there is some problem with the installed fonts on my pc, can you share a screenshot of the documentation in octave from your pc? If the display of documentation in your pc is different from mine, then there could be some issue in fonts on my pc.

This is how it looks for me on linux:

I personally do not particularly like the condensed font that is being used extensively in Octave’s documentation. I would prefer a normal. This is how it looks on my computer.

@dasergatskov @Pantxo Actually my issue is about the documentation available in the documentation tab in the Octave GUI App, not about the html/pdf file external documentation. I am attaching a complete screenshot below -

I have underlined the specially unreadable parts in the image above. The text is very thin small in size. The italic parts are almost unreadable. It gets worse when there are multiple lines of code.

@dasergatskov @Pantxo
I got the issue solved. I just increased the font size using zoom button and now the text is readable. Thanks for you support.

Again – it looks like octave on your computer is not finding default font and is using a suboptimal fallback.

It could be the reason for this issue. But for now, my issue is resolved as increasing the font size using the zoom button made the font readable.
Anyway, thanks for your support.

It is also quite possible that your computer does not antialias fonts below some threshold size. I do not know how to check/change this on Windows, but you can try looking into it.

Octave v5.2 for Windows has a better documentation GUI than Mathematica and MATLAB. It has a built-in zoom feature! It also has many font selection features. :+1:

I installed a trial copy of Mathematica and found that some fonts were so tiny that they hurt my eyesight. I uninstalled it at once. :see_no_evil:

Many a time, we have free open-source software which is better than their commercial rivals. :clap:

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