Change in datevec incompatible with ctime()

I’m testing the new release candidate (7.0.90) on Windows 10 20H2. I noticed that I cannot use existing code to determine a file’s timestamp because datevec() doesn’t accept the datestring’s format from ctime() anymore. In Octave 6.4.0 this worked and gives the datevec of the temporary file:

fid = tmpfile;
fileinfo = stat(fid);
datevec(ctime(fileinfo.mtime)(1:end-1),'ddd mmm dd HH:MM:SS yyyy')

But in Octave 7.0.90 I get

error: datevec: multiple day specifiers in ddd mmm dd HH:MM:SS yyyy
error: called from
    datevec>__date_vfmt2sfmt__ at line 256 column 5
    datevec at line 144 column 44
    datevec_bug at line 3 column 1

Apparently, datevec() is bothered by the day being specified as both a weekday and a day of the month. However, I cannot change the output of ctime().
My workaround follows this (confusing) graph Date/Time functions - Octave and works on both Octave versions:

fid = tmpfile;
fileinfo = stat(fid);
datevec(strftime('%Y.%m.%e %k:%M:%S',localtime(fileinfo.mtime)),' HH:MM:SS')

However, this seems even more overly complicated compared to the original version. Am I missing some easier solution?

I agree.
That change was made for bug #47627, datenum input validation should be stricter.
I’ll update the status on that report.