Change the style of the zoom box

Hello, I am using Octave via Python with Oct2Py and when plotting I want to zoom to a specific area of the plot. I right click to zoom and a box like this appears:

I searched in the documentation but I can’t find which option allows to change the style of the zoom box, could anyone help me?
Thank you in advance

My system

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro (version 21H2)
  • Octave version: Oct2Py 5.5.1
  • Installation method: Installed on Python via pip

This behavior isn’t configurable in Octave as far as I know (and I’ve been a core developer for 20 years). Octave uses the Qt toolkit for GUI operations and essentially outsources items like the coloring of the Zoom box to the toolkit itself.

There is a possibility that this is caused by some kind of interaction with Oct2Py. Could you try starting Octave by itself and then running sombrero followed by a zoom operation? The image you posted does not have the ordinary white background. I’m running a Linux machine, but the image below is what I get which shows a solid line for the zoom edge as well as light blue color for the zoom selection background.


Thank you for your reply. I was using gnuplot as the graphic toolkit, however, I changed to ‘qt’ and it works better for me.
Thank you!