Conflict with, cannot merge stable to default

Paging @ttl for help. When trying to merge stable to default, hg asks to manually resolve an edit conflict with I did not know which version was correct, so I left it unmerged 15 hours ago after an unrelated patch to stable. It turns out that @jwe had the same trouble this morning on another unrelated patch.

What parts of the code are conflicting?

Only I am attaching three versions (this, other and base). If you diff from v3_base to v1_this, you’ll see your change from yesterday. But v2_other is confusing because of the large number of changes. Searching though the hg log for some of those lines indicates those edits are up to 6 months old.

v1_this.cpp (107.8 KB)

v2_other.cpp (108.6 KB)

v3_base.cpp (107.8 KB)

Ah, I missed your post and have already merged with this changeset. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you @ttl! I just finished building your merge of the three sets and no errors with make check.