Considering a project for GSoC

Hello maintainers,

I was checking the new list of projects for Google Summer of Code, and I noticed that the project “Jupyter Notebook Integration” was removed because “Jupyter Notebook Integration too ambitious for GSoC”. I certainly agree that the project is too big for GSoC after the reduction of its duration. However, this project is very interesting to me (I think that I mentioned that in my conversations with my mentor @siko1056 during the previous GSoC.) So, is it possible for this project to be considered for GSoC given that I intend to continue to work on it after GSoC (of course, completing it during GSoC will be hard)?

To show my enthusiasm, I intend to work on it before the beginning of GSoC (I will finish my final exams on 15 march, and I will start working on it after that.) If the mentors of this project are interested, please let me know, so I can start planning for what to do after my exams.

Thanks for your time

Based on my understanding of GSOC, I think for it to bean acceptable project it would have to have a defined scope and end product. E.g, building a whole house might be too much, but drawing up the plans and laying the foundation might be.

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Surely, there will be a detailed plan for GSoC as usual. I can’t define the objectives of the project now, but I think I will be able to determine them after working on the project before GSoC. I am just asking if there is any interest in mentoring the project.

@Abdallah_Elshamy Great to hear you are still interested on the project :slightly_smiling_face: Sure, I would love to be your mentor on the Jupyter notebook project again. Needless to say that you are already the Octave JSON expert :wink: I think you are more than skilled to work on this. Next week I can create a reduced version of the project in the wiki again. If you already have some ideas, please start adding an entry at Summer of Code - Getting Started - Octave.

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I am really glad that you will have the time to be my mentor :grinning:. If I have any other ideas, I will add them.

Done: Summer of Code - Getting Started - Octave