Continuous Deployment of Octave for Windows

Building from sources is arguably easier on POSIX platforms than on Windows.
We currently already have continuously deployed versions of Octave for Windows that are built with MXE Octave from the stable branch of Octave. Those can be downloaded from here:
Octave Space: Download Octave

It recently came up a couple of times, that users were asked whether they could test if some issue is fixed for them on the default branch of Octave.
We already have CI running that builds the native version of Octave on GitHub with MSYS2. GitHub has the option to upload build artifacts from those CI jobs.

I added some instructions to the wiki that explain how to use them on Windows:
Continuous Build - Octave

I hope those are clear enough.

Because the builds from the default branch are probably not for the “everyday user”, it might be ok that using those is a bit more complicated imho.

These artifacts aren’t stripped. MSYS2 also packages gdb. So, it might be possible to get more helpful backtraces on Windows with those.

I hope they can be helpful in the future.

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