Control-3.3.0 released

The new release 3.3.0 of the control package is available at Octave Sourceforge. Most relevant changes from the NEWS file:

  • New function rlocusx providing gain, damping and frequency for selected poles together with the possibility to generate open loop bode plots and simulations of the closed loop for selected closed loop poles
  • Fixed several issues in bode, c2d, lsim and step
  • Fixed issues in legends of time and frequency responses when requested for multiple systems
  • Fixed usage of deprecated LAPACK routines
  • Added discretization method foh to c2d
  • Added tests for c2d with foh and to dlyapchol
  • Fixed transposing a tfploy

After updating to control 3.3.0 with the release candidate 6.2.92 (64-bit), all tests are passing on Windows 10 for me:


  PASS                              344
  FAIL                                0
  XFAIL (reported bug)               12

Should we update the Windows installer to the new version of the control package ahead of the 6.3 release? Or would you prefer to keep it at the older version for now?

Thanks for testing and asking. If it is still possible to include the new release 3.3.0, I would say, let’s go for it.

I updated to control v3.3.0 on the release branch of MXE Octave here:
mxe-octave: b12b578132f1