Control Microsoft Excel from GNU Octave

We share a similar class as for LibreOffice Calc this time for Microsoft Excel (both of them works only on Windows), it is available at:

Topic for LibreOffice Calc is at:

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Thank you very much for your contributions. They all look very useful to me.

Would you like to add these links somewhere on the wiki? ( I fear there won’t be much people looking in especially this forum, to me the wiki seems an easier and more obvious place for users searching for code and examples like the ones you showed here.

Yes of course, do you know on which page should I add those?

Maybe this is a good place:

But these classes, scripts and functions are not packages, maybe some new Category like Other code contributions or something like that?

Please start a new category, if you think it makes sense :slightly_smiling_face::+1: The wiki is free for everyone to edit.

Just did it! It is available at:

Maybe we can add this category to the main navigation on the left?

Thanks. Could you make it clear that those functions are (currently?) meant for Windows only?

Yes of course I will do that.

@mpetrasinovic Your wiki changes look great :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: Thanks a lot for this effort.

@siko1056 What do you think about adding this category to the main navigation menu? That way will probably more users see this category and submit their codes.

Yes, this is a good idea and we can give it a try :wink:

@siko1056 I checked and only admin can change that.

@Pantxo Done!

@mpetrasinovic Now I get it, with main navigation you mean MediaWiki:Sidebar - Octave ? I powered your rights, can you edit it now?

@siko1056 Yes, that was what I meant, thank you, changes done! One more thing, I tried from mobile phone and there is no navigation. There are only Home, Random, Log in and Setting buttons in the menu.

Octave’s wiki behaves like the “real” Wikipedia, using the mobile layout Skin:Minerva Neue - MediaWiki.

At the bottom of the mobile page you can switch between Desktop and Mobile view. By default having many menus is not suited for small smartphone screens.

@siko1056 I understand but I think that we should add at least a few more links for pages on this sidebar. (check MODIFY THE MAIN MENU on Extension talk:MobileFrontend)

To my understanding, this involves some modification of the extension source code. I think the developers are working on a stable solution, as this skin is also used for the “real” Wikipedia. If you would like to work on this before, it is possible that you get access to the deployed MediaWiki source code.

“User Codes” doesn’t sound right to me as a native English speaker so I changed the category to “User Contributed Code” and ultimately figured out how to change the name in the sidebar as well. Then I found that “User Contributed Code” was too wide to fit on one line, at least in my browser. So I changed the title in the sidebar to be “Contributed Code” but left “User” in the category name. Is that OK, or should we also change the category name to match?

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Looks good to me :slightly_smiling_face: “Contributed Code" fits indeed nicely in the side menu and should not be longer :+1: