Crash when doc of packages functions or typo

Problem description

Octave crashes when using doc xlsread, doc ga, etc… No matter if the packages are loaded or not. There is no problem in doc with built-in functions. But it also crashes if I write an unknown function, e.g. the famous doc asdf, or a function name with a typo.

Stepping into the doc function it seems to crash in __event_manager_show_doc__ (function_name) o near (I’m not an expert in debugging).

My system

  • OS: Manjaro 20.2.1
  • Octave version: Version 6.1.0
  • Installation method: e.g. Downloaded and installed GNU Octave and packages from pamac

This is a known bug. It’s already been fixed and is part of the next bugfix release. I expect version 6.2.0 of Octave will be available in the next two months.

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@rik Why so pessimistic? :innocent: Plans for Octave 6.2? - #12 by jwe

Great news! Should I mark your reply as a solution or wait until 6.2.0?