Discord channel for Octave

Hello everyone,

I have created a channel for Octave on the Modelica Discord server. You are all welcomed to join. Hopefully, this will help the community.


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Cool! I’ve joined.

There’s also an Octave channel on the Matlab Discord server at https://discord.gg/bBMbNCT. It’s an active community with a fair amount of Octave traffic. Be aware that this is primarily a Matlab server, and not a Free Software one.

Not to put this down. But just a note of caution: Discord cannot legally be used in working environments in the European Union because it doesn’t comply to applicable data protection acts.

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Whoa, I didn’t know that. Is this a GDPR thing? Or something else?

I’m not a lawyer. So, I’ll only give my personal interpretation of what I’ve read. I don’t know if this would stand in front of a court (or wherever that would be debated).
IIUC, the GDPR puts — among other things — some restrictions on personal information that is exported from the European Union. Companies must ensure those rights for their employees and clients.
From what I’ve read, it is at least unclear if using Discord will violate those acts. Some experts (for whatever that means) seem to be of the strong opinion that it cannot be used in accordance with those acts in working environments.


Are Microsoft Teams and Slack okay by these rules, do you know? Is this a problem particular to Discord?

Like I already wrote, I’m not a lawyer and neither am I a specialist in GDPR. There still seems to be no definitive consensus of how the GDPR can be correctly interpreted and implemented. All of the following is just “hear-say”.

Afaict, MS Teams made an effort to make their service GDPR conformant. Some experts are of the opinion that there current terms are conformant now. Others disagree. Afaict, there is no consensus yet (see e.g. Aufsichtsbehörde: Microsoft Teams ist rechtswidrig! – Wirklich? (dr-datenschutz.de) in German).

I haven’t read about Slack yet.

After reading a bit more about Discord and GDPR, I’m no longer sure if my initial statement is still true. The “source” I mainly drew my conclusion from was the German Wikipedia article and the sources they cite (Discord (Software) – Wikipedia). Turns out those sources date back to early 2020.
It looks like they changed their terms of service since. (Btw, that applied to everyone worldwide. So anyone now has more control over which data is used and how by Discord. Yeah :wink: ).
So as far as I understand now, we are basically in the same boat with Discord like we are with MS Teams: Some say “yea” and others say “nay”…

Sorry for the potentially wrong information I might have spread.

I’ve joined the Modelica server too. I have basically no experience with Discord, but I’ll be idling there, seems fine so far, guess we’ll see whether it’s useful.

My one question or doubt about the Modelica server is that there don’t seem to be any rules, information about conduct, who to contact in case of problems, etc. Other servers I’ve looked at typically have at the least a “rules” channel for that stuff.