Display Objects in Variable Editor

Hello every one,

Can anyone explain me how to display the structure of an object variable in the Variable Editor of Octave ?

My class object is called MLC and I create an instance as follow : “mlc=MLC;”
Then I see it in my workspace and double-click on it to display it in the Variable Editor. In Matlab, I can then explore my object and go deep in the several layers of my object structure. In Octave I only have this : "mlc = < oblect MLC >.

I tried to find an answer but found none, that’s why I’m now asking the community.

May the force be with you.

Afaict, exploring classdef objects in the Variable Editor isn’t supported (yet).

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Ah ok thanks a lot, have a nice day.

Somewhat related, you can explore the structure of your class in the Command Window using functions like properties() and methods(). Both of those have improved quite a bit recently in Octave.

Could you file a feature request for this over at bugs.octave.org? It should be possible to implement this functionality now.