Documentation search highlight color

Almost invisible highlight of the search / find results. Is there a way to change color of it?
Say I search for “tridiagonal” to see how I can generate a matrix of this type in Octave (iMac, GUI).
In “Documentation” tab I get several pages in the left pane, click on one, get larger pane with white font on black background. Small pane on the bottom “Find” shows the search term, and green arrows to jump between different occurences.
Well the problem is that the color of the highlight when I select different search results is very close to the background black, making it esentially invisible especially on a busy page with documentation. Can I change it to say bright yellow? Scanned through tabs in preferences several times, could not locate this option. Thank you.

I think this may depend on the overall color scheme you are using. But, for me as well, there isn’t much contrast between the highlighting color and the background. See the image below.