Drop "native" builds from mxe-octave?

About nine years ago I modified the mxe-octave build system to allow “native” builds. The motivation was to allow building Octave along with all build tools and other necessary dependencies for systems that could not otherwise easily build Octave. At the time, I had a client that wanted Octave on RHEL 5 (I think) systems that could not be updated. Those systems had libraries and build tools that were too old for the current Octave. Docker existed but the Linux kernel running on the RHEL 5 systems was too old to support it and upgrading was not an option. So, building Octave and all dependencies (same as we were already starting to do for Windows) seemed like the best solution.

Now, nearly a decade later, container solutions like Docker and Snap work on all supported systems so I’m not sure that it makes sense for us to continue to support these “native” builds of Octave and all dependencies.

Is there any objection to dropping support for those configurations from mxe-octave?


None here.

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The X-system doesn’t build since the recent update to GCC 12 in MXE Octave (updating it is a good thing imho👍).
Do we still bother to get this working? Or is it time to remove these builders from the buildbot configuration?