Enable Dark mode in octave

I’m really sensitive to white light, which results in eyes pain if I use it for more than an hour. Is there any workaround way to enable dark mode in octave.

There’s no single way to apply a theme to every window and title bar. But, all of the colors are adjustable.

Change your settings under Edit->Preferences.

As an example, choose the Command tab in the Preferences window to make changes to the Command Window.

You can use the program qt5ct where you can select a dark mode. The theme of Qt based programs can be configured by setting the environment variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME to the desired theme. When using qt5ct, the command would be (in Linux)


Octave should now start with the color theme selected in qt5ct.

The following changes will also improve Octave’s color configuration in the next major release 7:

  • For colors that can be configured within octave, (command window, workspace view, variable editor and file editor), the default values were recently changed from hard coded values to values from the application’s color palette or from the default Qscintilla lexer styles.
  • In addition, the settings dialog for the widgets mentioned above provides the possibility to select a second color mode with default values that are derived from the normal ones by inverting the color’s lightness, allowing to quickly change from a dark to a light mode or vice versa.
  • Finally, the default colors and styles can be reloaded in the settings dialog without removing the settings file or parts of it.