Feature request for Repl.it to add Octave support

Repl.it is a platform that allows code in various languages to be run directly inside a browser. It is very useful for teaching and demonstration purposes. Currently they don’t have support for Octave so I made a feature request. You can upvote it if you think it might be useful.


Maybe I should add that voting is free : ) Or is there something about Replit that doesn’t resonate with the community here? Plotting the poles and zeros to check pzmap(replit)

Hi, I would venture a guess that self-hosting and free software are things that do resonate with a lot of people here, I know they are important to me.

I haven’t voted because I don’t use Replit and don’t really see why I would want to. I’d rather use something like Jupyter where the software is free and the data is portable and can be easily exported and self-hosted.

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Thank you for the frank answer! I share the same resonances. For our small project (a tutorial given in Python, R and Octave) self hosting brings an added cost and we can avoid that by embedding Replit. Support for Octave would allow us to reach more people. Currently the other hosted platforms that support embedding Octave (which I know of) are sphere-engine and rextester, and they are both paid. Replit is free, of course tomorrow they may decide to charge but it will be good while it lasts. Also, currently you can’t run Matlab online, so this feature (embedding and running code directly in your own course or website) may be something that brings more people over to Octave.

Just to clarify, I meant “free” as in “free speech”, not how much money they charge. When you see people here talk about free software, they mean software that respects your freedoms. If Replit were free software, you would be able to add Octave support yourself.

Yeap, I agree Replit is not “free software”. That’s why they need to see that there is demand for a feature before they implement and host it, and that’s why I am asking for your vote. It could be that refusing to vote serves a more general goal (than trying to save some hosting costs) and I respect that.

Never used Replit but they mentioned incorporating nix recently.

@Y_Kamer You might be interested in Binder and myBinder.

As for running Octave directly in your browser, have a look at the links in this post.