Floating point Tiff image for testing

As part of my GSoC project, I am working to add support for reading floating point Tiff images and I need some images to test the implementation.

I usually generate my own images for testing but there are lots of ambiguous points in the format specification and I don’t want to have my implementation based on a wrongly formatted image. I am also having a hard time finding an image online.

So if someone has an image (preferably not very big in size) that is a floating-point tiff image kindly send it to me. Also if there is an open-source software out there that can generate Tiff images with my choice of formatting that would be very useful as well.

A quick way to check if the image is a floating-point image is to run these lines in matlab (or using my current fork of Octave here):

a = Tiff ("/path/to/image.tif", "r");
getTag(a, Tiff.TagID.SampleFormat)

For floating-point images the tag should exist and have a value of 3.

not familiar with the current TIFF capabilities, does our test suite contain any demo or sample images? do any of the other open graphics systems out there (graphicsmagick, imagemagick, etc?) have demo or test libraries to pull from?

might not be the most helpful, but a quick search turned up University of South Carolina professor’s test TIFF collection

last, it might be worth doing an open and closed bugs.octave.org search for tiff files. many would likely contain example files relevant when the bug was created. should verify that closed bugs still work correctly with the new tiff handling, and open bugs could provide problem test cases.

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E.g. some images here:

Also google image search for “floating-point tiff image” seems to have a few useful hits.

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