[Fosshost] Mediawiki relocation

In the last developer meeting, we decided to move most of our current web infrastructure to the recently sponsored Fosshost machine.

Today I finished the first step of duplicating the wiki:

The address will be swapped in the nearer future. Thus a perfect time for finding regressions. Please post below :point_down: if you notice anything suspicious or something not working as before.

Please note: the new instance has no backups yet and the wiki state will be reset to the current wiki state without warning. Do not save your TOE formulas there! :wink:

If you know a lot about webservers and would like to help, a small documentation gets filled alongside this process doc/fosshost.md at main · gnu-octave/doc · GitHub and do not hesitate to ping me :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you have in mind for backups?

Currently, there is a script that runs from cron once a day on the dreamhost server and executes some mysqldump commands and also creates a tar file of the whole wiki installation tree. The resulting files are placed in a location accessible using http://octave.org/… and I have a cron job on my systems that grabs copies of those files. Only one file is kept on the dreamhost side but I keep 30 days of files on my system. Not perfect, but better than nothing. I’d be glad to continue doing that unless you have a better solution in mind.

Wow great that I learned about this. I knew of that cronjob but not what you do on the other end with it :sweat_smile: Actually safer than I thought.

Regarding the backup, I do not have a ultimate plan now. A wiki backup weights about 70 MB, and we only have the FossHost server Harddisk itself for a potential backup :thinking: Not ideal. Maybe we can keep and document the current strategy for the new wiki? :innocent: Later, it would be great if FossHost has such a backup volume available for us.

Update: looking at their documents Service Features - Fosshost Docs there should be “Offsite backups” available. Let’s study how to make use of them.

As there were no errors reported, the wikis will be switched soon. Currently the wiki.octave.org is in read-only mode:

When the switching is done, you can continue as before on the normal address, there might be HTTPS-certificate errors for a short time. If you need to perform changes in the meantime, please use fosshost.octave.org

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Wow. The transition of the Wiki to FossHost went pretty seamlessly. Everything seems to be working as before without any downtime (that I could notice).
Good job! :+1: