Fresh brewed Octave - every day!

The octave-buildbot Server and Worker matured a lot in the past two months since I wrote about them in August. Finally, the system is capable of delivering once per day a “fresh brewed” stable Octave release (tarballs, all flavors of MS Windows installers, and the Doxygen documentation). See it yourself on

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It looks like the builders stopped picking up changes in the repositories.
At least, they haven’t built new nightlies since two days ago (Aug/12) even though the octave and mxe-octave repositories saw updates.

Did some cron job stop being triggered?

The reason is simple: the worker machine is down for maintenance, which is beyond my control (I did not get a notification about the ongoing power maintenance) :sweat: It might take a few days for that system to be online again. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries. I very much appreciate that service that you provide for the community! :+1:
Was just wondering if it was something “easy”. :blush:

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Worker is up and running again.

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