Gcc debian buildbots stopped working?

The “gcc-debian” and “stable-gcc-debian” builders on @jwe’s buildbots seem to have stopped working.
Is this intentional?

Afaict, most(?) of the Octave developers work with Debian or Ubuntu and with gcc. So, we’d probably notice anyway if something went wrong on that platform and compiler. But it might still be good to have changes checked by those builders.

No, not intentional. I’m not sure what happened this time, but the buildbot service on one of the systems was in the “masked” state where it won’t start. Anyway, I fixed that and restarted it.

It looks like most of the builders on @jwe’s buildbot farm have stopped triggering. I can still see the web interface. But the only builder that seems to be triggering on an update of the default branch is clang-debian. The gcc and Fedora builders don’t seem to trigger.
Was there any change recently?

fedora buildbots have some network problems.

p.s. Should be back on-line now

I found one of my systems powered off this morning. It happened to the other one last week(?). I’m not sure why. After restarting everything seems normal again.

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Thank you both for the info and for maintaining these machines!

The buildbot workers that build gcc-debian and the MXE Octave builders seem to be down or disconnected currently.

When I saw your message last night I checked and the buildbot workers were not running on either of my buildbot systems. I’m not sure what caused them to stop. I restarted them and things appear to be working normally again.

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All of @jwe’s buildbot workers seem to be down or disconnected currently.

We had some high winds yesterday that caused a lot of damage where I live. My electric service might not be restored until late tomorrow or Tuesday.

Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope everything is fine at your end apart from the outage and no one was hurt or worse during the storm.

Should we delay the meeting tomorrow by a few days until everything is sorted out?

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The power was back last night. No problem for me having the meeting at the originally scheduled time.

jwe-debian-x86_64-5 seems to be down again

I restarted the buildbot-worker process on that system. I’m not sure why it failed.

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It looks like it is off again.