getinterfaces undefined


When I try to run xlsread I receive following error message:

error: ‘getinterfaces’ undefined near line 306 column 16

error: called from

xlsopen at line 306 column 14

xlsread at line 378 column 11

What can possible be wrong (etinterfaces is undefined…) and how can it be solved?


Thank you for your report. To help you, some more information are necessary:

  1. What is your operating system?
  2. What is your Octave version?
  3. What is your io-package version? (I assume you are using it.)
  4. When starting Octave, what exact commands do you run to receive this error message?

What io package version, what Octave version?

(sorry, didn’t see Kais reply, Discourse’s screen layout confused me)

I think this error can occur, a.o., immediately after upgrading Octave-Forge packages when the previous package version wasn’t unloaded and functions haven’t been cleared. My guess is that Octave seems to linger on to .m-file versions in the previous package’s private/ subdirectory that exists no more after upgrading. I’ve often seen similar behavior after editing functions in private/ subdirectories.
If I’m right, simply restarting Octave should fix it. Or try:

pkg unload io
clear -f
pkg load io

(in that order)

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