Github does not recognise octave as a language

When github detects the language of a project, it inevitably marks all .m files as MATLAB.
This is true even if the project is primarily an octave project, incompatible with MATLAB.

Worse still, Octave doesn’t even appear as a valid language to filter by in search menus.

As an octave user, I find that very disappointing and disheartening, but I have no idea what could be done to get github to recognise Octave on their site as a proper language.

Is there anything we could be doing as a community to get octave recognised as a proper language on github?

The changes could properly be done in GitHub Linguist:

If you have time to dig into that system, maybe copying parts of Matlab would make the difference. However, only if explicitly Octave extensions (endfunction, etc.) are used, the file would be identified as Octave source.

An easier “fix” was if a mixed name “Matlab / Octave”, “Octave / Matlab” as detected language would be accepted? :thinking: :innocent: :sweat_smile:

Simiar issues seems to exist for GitLab: GNU Octave / octave · GitLab