GitHub/GitLab organization for GNU Octave

Dear maintainers,

I want to discuss with you a GitHub organization for GNU Octave.

The most important point:

No, I do not plan to move GNU Octave development to GitHub. :wink: (Explanation)

The idea is to bundle several projects for GNU Octave (which are now hosted on GitHub anyways) under a common umbrella organization for visibility.

  • There are many useful projects for Octave on GitHub available. Finding them is tough. Some published their effort on the mailing list (trying to become a Forge package without any reply or chance to ever become one), some are in the wiki, and I bet there are many more lingering under unknown user names there.

  • Once the GitHub organization establishes, developers might choose to become an organization member/owner, moving their projects there to increase the visibility of their work with search function. A light version of Octave Forge packages without bureaucracy, but also without quality checks. The developers and users alone decide about the success of the project :cowboy_hat_face:

  • GitHub organizations have two permission roles (members and owners) and can be organized in teams. With my current idea, anyone (who asks) can become a member of “gnu-octave” and has already many privileges. Very active members (known from the mailing-list, Octave development, or …) should also become “owners” and basically gain rights about controlling the organizations settings (promoting new owners and deleting the organization itself :scream:). Thus not anyone should become owner in first place.

  • The names “octave” and “gnuoctave” are already occupied. Since 2016 nobody seems to know who owns “gnuoctave”. Thus “gnu-octave”.

Comments? :point_down: Post your GitHub username here, if you are interested to join. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Kai,

have you considered gitlab, too? If yes, just out of curiosity, what were the reasons for github?

But anyhow, I would like to join, my username is ttlmax.


I considered GitHub out of personal preference. It would be great if the same effort is done on GitLab too (but I am not interested, I don’t really host repos there :innocent:).

Does it make sense to have octave groups on several hosting platforms instead of trying to bundle all activities at one place?

This GitHub organization is an offer to bundle what is already there (creating a community of GitHub users inside the community of GNU Octave users). Convincing developers to change their chosen platform is rather difficult I think.

On the other hand, I don’t know of any strong community of GitLab/BitBucket/SourceForge (except Octave Forge) users for example. Thus maybe no other groups might form on other hosting platforms and there is no need to enforce the few other developers to switch their beloved platforms :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m cbm755 on Github, please add me.

I also just claimed but gnu-octave is already taken (hopefully one of “us” got it).

Thanks, somehow I do not see anything under this URL, neither “gnu-octave”? Do “groups” on GitLab work differently from “organizations” in GitHub?

I set the gnu-octave group to private: I’ve made it public now.

I get a 404 for gnu-octave: I guess whoever owns that has it set to private

Are you @siko1056 on that platform too? If so I’ll make you an owner as well.

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I am @siko1056 on GitLab as well :wink:

Sorry for the slow reply here. For the record, I think this is a good idea.

@cbm I’m apjanke on GitLab (though I don’t really use it; I prefer GitHub too); could you add me there?

Hi @siko1056 i think this is a great idea.

I’m developing a package for octave (for websockets communications).

You can find me both on github and gitlab as marcomiretti Could you please add me to the organization so i can share this package? It’s hosted on both github and gitlab, (just mirrored).


Done @MarcoMiretti :white_check_mark:

@cbm shall every new group member on GitLab become an owner?

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No strong feelings. Maintainers can do most things so maybe “Maintainer” should be the default? And if people need ownership, they can ask…? But as I said, no strong feelings if you feel differently.

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Hi all,

I have requested access to the gitlab group.
Is there an association in github already?

Links to a “GitHub organization” and a “GitLab group” are given in the first post. I added you in GitLab and if you provide a username, I can do the same for GitHub :wink:

Sorry, I missed that, I thought they were screenshots :smiley: lol
Kai-san my user name in github is “kakila”. Thanks

Done and welcome :white_check_mark: Maybe I should have just tried in GitHub, your username was not hard to guess :innocent:

Kai-san, the work on modernizing the package manager is astounding!
I need to get to use it asap.

I wonder if we can reproduce this system in gitlab without doubling the amount of work. Also to look at, gitlab would allow to add pkg as a service

Maybe we can discuss this topic in GNU Octave - Package extension index?

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