GitHub/GitLab organization for GNU Octave

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I am @siko1056 on GitLab as well :wink:

Sorry for the slow reply here. For the record, I think this is a good idea.

@cbm I’m apjanke on GitLab (though I don’t really use it; I prefer GitHub too); could you add me there?

Hi @siko1056 i think this is a great idea.

I’m developing a package for octave (for websockets communications).

You can find me both on github and gitlab as marcomiretti Could you please add me to the organization so i can share this package? It’s hosted on both github and gitlab, (just mirrored).


Done @MarcoMiretti :white_check_mark:

@cbm shall every new group member on GitLab become an owner?

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No strong feelings. Maintainers can do most things so maybe “Maintainer” should be the default? And if people need ownership, they can ask…? But as I said, no strong feelings if you feel differently.

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Hi all,

I have requested access to the gitlab group.
Is there an association in github already?

Links to a “GitHub organization” and a “GitLab group” are given in the first post. I added you in GitLab and if you provide a username, I can do the same for GitHub :wink:

Sorry, I missed that, I thought they were screenshots :smiley: lol
Kai-san my user name in github is “kakila”. Thanks

Done and welcome :white_check_mark: Maybe I should have just tried in GitHub, your username was not hard to guess :innocent:

Kai-san, the work on modernizing the package manager is astounding!
I need to get to use it asap.

I wonder if we can reproduce this system in gitlab without doubling the amount of work. Also to look at, gitlab would allow to add pkg as a service

Maybe we can discuss this topic in GNU Octave - Package extension index?

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Hi, Im Samurai12 on GitHub, please add me. Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,

Following up on with discussion with Nir GNU Octave - Patches: patch #9925, [octave forge] (statistics)... [Savannah], I would like to create a new Octave package called bootstrap forked from my repository here: GitHub - acp29/iboot: Iterated (double) bootstrap. I’m following the instructions on your gnu-octave GitHub page (GitHub - gnu-octave/pkg-example: A minimal GNU Octave package.), in which it says that the first step is requesting an invitation at the Discourse forum… which is here I presume as this is where the link took me.

So may I be invited? Presumably something needs to happen for me to be able to have the option to create a repository at GNU Octave · GitHub since I currently don’t see that feature, which is nicely illustrated in the screen shot in the instructions.


Andrew Penn

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Invitation sent @acp29, I am looking forward for your bootstrap package :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need any help with getting your package merged, please start a new topic and we will help you.

Hi @siko1056, I’m a Computer Science student and a programmer. And I would love to join. Please send me an invitation if possible.
My GitHub username is: bullshitphoenix
Thank you in advance.

@dilshan invitation sent :white_check_mark:

Hello Kai,
can you please add me.
my username on GitHub is solelok.

@solelok invitation sent :white_check_mark:

Hi @siko1056, I’m currently a CS student. I’d like to try to create a Octave package using the template. May I get an invitation? My Github link : 1099255210 (hg-1099255210) · GitHub. Thanks a lot.

@wh-1099255210 invitation sent :white_check_mark: Looking forward for your package :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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