Gnu octave 7.2.0, install on ubuntu 22.04

Hello, good evening. How to install gnu octave 7.2.0 on ubuntu 22.04?


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I don’t know if Octave 1.7.2 ever existed. But if it did, it is very old by now.
Consider using a newer version. The latest released version is Octave 7.2.0.

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I’m sorry, was a typo in title. I just fixed there. Its 7.2.0. I cant find no packages for ubuntu 22.04. There are a flatpak, appimage, or I need build from sources?

I tryed the ppa, but there are no packages for ubuntu 22.04

Found the independent packages, but I think 7.2.0 is only available for docker images. I’ll wait until the flatpack version gets 7.2.0 to install, but my suggestion is to have an official linux package distribution. Its very strange only have installers for ms windows :joy:

@jcbritobr The “official Linux package distribution” is the Octave source! It sounds like you want your Linux distribution to quickly adopt software once it’s released by the respective developers. If so, then Ubuntu is the wrong kind of distro to use because their testing cycles can easily put them months behind the upstream software. If you want rapid official adoption, look at using Arch Linux. They have adopted Octave 7.2.0 already, only a day after the Octave devs uploaded it: Arch Linux - octave 7.2.0-1 (x86_64)

There’s no one perfect distro. There are only distros aligned with your preferences and those that aren’t.

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No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think a perfect distro exists. I only think that there are a way better to deploy like appimages packages. I already read a thread about octave and appimage here, if I’m not wrong. An appimage can target all this platforms, together with windows installers it can cover a lot more platforms. But there are no problems about. I can wait a flatpack.

Also note that I uploaded Octave 7.2.0 to Debian yesterday. Of course, it’s in the unstable version of Debian, not in the stable one (which won’t be updated before next year). Debian unstable or testing are quite usable as a daily distro, if you don’t mind the (rare and temporary) breakages that can happen there.


@jcbritobr : I am not personally very familiar with all the different container formats, but here is a thread on a past effort to distribute Octave as an AppImage: Distributing Octave as an AppImage

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I have built it from sources. :slight_smile:

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