GNU Octave - Package extension index

To make the publication of Octave packages less bureaucratic and more fun again, I propose the

Sources at

Some highlights:

  • All Octave Forge packages in their latest release, and more, are indexed
    • No need to move away from Octave Forge with your package
  • The package maintainer is responsible for his package to work
  • Host your code / releases anywhere (SourceForge, GitHub, GitLab, own public server, …)
  • Easy, less bureaucratic addition of packages and releases
    • Manage your package metadata in a single file you can edit online
    • Let your users install the latest version of your package directly from the repository for testing (no release necessary, see the “dev” entry of the example package)
  • Easy web interface to find packages / code
  • Minimal automated quality checks
  • Optional integrity checks by sha256 checksums.
  • Fully community driven.
  • The index itself is a “static” website.
    • Automatically built by GitHub pages
    • The index pages can be hosted (mirrored, duplicated, etc.) anywhere

:arrow_right: If there are no objections, I would like to present this index alongside with Octave Forge on the main Octave website.

This “Package extension index” is just an index. No changes to the Octave package format are required, thus all packages listed there can be installed using the default pkg tool of Octave.

A further project is to make package installations fun again extending @apjanke’s

Comments are pretty welcome :point_down: :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down: