GNU Octave participates in GSoC 2021

@Nir @mailing-list:

We were announced as participating:

Student applications are due between Mar 29 and Apr 13. If you’re
interested, have a look at our wiki for how to get started:
Summer of Code - Getting Started - Octave

Octave contributors who are interested in evaluating student
applications and potentially co-mentoring a project (no commitment
yet), please let me know to add you to the mentor pool. Summer of Code
relies on volunteers to mentor, and we will need at least 2 mentors
per student we accept.

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Greetings, My name is Jayant Anand I am an undergrad at IIT Dhanbad, I have a deep insight in C and Octave and wishes to contribute to the Table datatype. Looking forward to contributing.

Please take a look at this thread Gsoc 2021 project "Table datatype" questions.