Gsl package seems incorrectly installed (not loaded before usage)

Problem description

  • gsl-2.1.1 directory created but containing only a packinfo directory and a test file
  • no

My system

  • OS: Windows 10 Prof. (2020)
  • Octave version: Operating System: MINGW32_NT-6.2 Windows 6.2 x86_64
  • Installation method: pkg install -forge gsl

Which exact messages were displayed when you attempted to install the package?

Anyway, the gsl package should already be included in Octave for Windows and you should only need to load it with pkg load gsl. No separate installation should be necessary.

Which version of Octave are you using? How did you install Octave (installer, .zip or .7z archive)?

Thank you for you quick reply, now it works perfectly well with ‘pkg load gsl’ (i am a newcomer to octave, therefore i missed these instructions for package installation)
i have installed Octave 5.2 on my computer from the installer