GSoC 2021 - Jupyter Notebook Integration

Hello maintainers,

I am very glad that my proposal “Jupyter Notebook Integration” has been accepted and that I will be a GSoC student developer with GNU Octave for the second time in a row!

Like the previous year, I will again have the pleasure of being mentored by @siko1056, @aj07, and @schoeps. Their guidance was very helpful to me and I am very pleased to have it again.

The timeline for my project should look like this (There will be some modifications due to some changes in the dates of my exams. I will discuss them with my mentors.):

Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I hope that I will be able to complete this project successfully and benefit the community of Octave.


Congratulations @Abdallah_Elshamy for being chosen by Google this year! :tada:

@Nir already suggested that during the community bonding period you can setup a blog like in last year and I will integrate it into this Discourse forum once it is ready. Maybe you can update and reuse, but please keep the old posts for reference :wink:

Regarding our communication, you are pretty familiar with this Discourse forum and our mailing-lists. Furthermore, I liked our weekly short video calls last year and would like to continue this habit. Let us communicate by private mail about the details and I suggest to have a first meeting next week. Of course anyone interested is very welcome to join our meetings, just reach out for us.

I’m looking forward for this summer to work with you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think using the old one should be fine. I will update it soon while keeping the old posts.

Weekly video calls last year were surely helpful in making sure the project is going the right way. I would like this habit to continue too. Next week would be great for our first meeting. I am waiting for the details in the private mail.

I am very eager to work with you and the other mentors this summer :grinning:. I hope that this summer will be fruitful like the previous one.

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