Gsoc 2021 project "Table datatype" questions

I want to discuss about a project for which siko1056 is the mentor.Is this the right place to ask.

Yes :white_check_mark:

I am interested in project Table datatype, I am proficient in c++, What are the other things I should learn in order to handle this project

On the project wiki page, I have written down some ideas. Please take a look at the two linked libraries, try to run them in Octave and ask, if something is unclear to you. Other generic guidance I can give is, have a look at Summer of Code - Getting Started - Octave, Developer FAQ - Octave, and try to build Octave from the sources on your local machine.

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Some previous discussion on the mailing-list: Re: [GSoC 2021] How should I do now with project Table datatype

I have finished the draft of the proposal.

If you have any feedback, kindly help me with it.
My apologies for the delay, due to my ongoing college exams I was unable to work on it.

@jayant-ism Thank you for your proposal. I added some comments: in general I would like you to focus on the table datatype. This will already be lots of work. Depending on your motivation and progress, it might be tough to even finish this portion of the octave-tablicious project. Please do not forget to submit your final proposal soon :wink:

Thanks for the feedback.
I have updated the draft accordingly.