GSoC 2022 Improve TIFF image support

Hello everyone, My name is Maged Rifaat and I am really interested in participating with Octave this year in GSoC and I am intending to apply for the project in improving TIFF image support.

For the past week, I have been reading through the code base of Octave and specially the parts relevant to the project (imread and its family of functions, __imread__ and its family of functions and __magick_read__ which is the wrapper for the GraphicsMagick library) in an effort to get an idea of how this project can be carried out and I think I already have a rough but decent idea.

The way I see it so far, and I could be completely wrong but I will eventually get there I think, is that the main steps here is to build a wrapper for libtiff similar to the “__magick_read__” wrapper, and make the modifications to the __imread__.m and similar files because this is where the library specific code starts.

I am laying out my ideas and thought process so that if I am wrong or thinking in the wrong direction someone might be able to correct me here. Also, I have some questions regarding the project and the design I have in mind but I will keep them to later when my view of the project is clear enough.

What I am going to do next is to attempt to do some development on Octave by building the project on my machine and trying to solve one or more of the relevant issues to get more familiar with the code base and the development process. And then hopefully I will have a solid enough plan to start working on my proposal.

Welcome @magedrifaat and thanks for your interest in the TIFF image support project project. Yes, building Octave is always good start. Regarding further information on the project the respective mentor has the best information.

@carandraug Are you still interested in mentoring this project?

I want to update you on the status of my application.
I have successfully built Octave on my machine and for the last couple of days, I have been checking out the bugs that are related to the project in some way.

I found two open bugs #59502 and #51264. They both seem very involved with the GraphicsMagick library and not very straightforward to fix but I am looking to reach at least a partial solution because I think that will help me become more familiar with this part of Octave development and give me some ideas on how to approach this project.

I plan to submit a draft proposal through google by the end of the week so I can get your feedback and have enough time to spare for any needed modifications.

Trying to reach out for @carandraug via the no longer actively used mailing-list was so far without success. Without a mentor this project is not going to happen this year. I am very sorry to not have removed this project earlier from the list.

If somebody is willing to mentor this project, please join this discussion. You are of course always welcome to work on this project outside of GSoC.

Thanks for the clarification. I do plan to work on this project anyways through the summer because I have genuine interest in contributing to Octave even outside GSoC.

So for the time being, I won’t be submitting a proposal for this project through google.

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I can still mentor the project. I’m on leave for the next two weeks and limited internet access until then though.

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Alright then, I submitted my proposal through google. I know it is kind of late since the deadline is in 5 days but hopefully I can get a feedback and be able to improve it before the deadline.
There is one thing that I am unsure about though. Having written my proposal and the timeline for the project, I found that by giving reasonable amount of time for each feature and task, I can finish the project in the normal 12-week period. So should I change my project size choice in the google submission to be medium instead of large or should I leave it as is?

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Thank you for your proposal. I added the wiki entry again with smaller project size. @carandraug will have the last word on this :wink:

Since the deadline is tomorrow and I haven’t received a reply yet, I will change the proposal size to “medium” through google and hopefully that will be approved by Mr. David @carandraug.
I will keep checking here for any updates though.

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I’m not sure what the scale is and so what small/medium/large mean, and I don’t know why it would matter. You should come up with a project that will fit the ~3 months. Don’t be too optimistic, you want to accomplish it. If you “finish” it earlier, I’m sure you can find related issues to fill the rest of the 3 months.

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To give a peace of mind answer as the deadline is today and changes almost impossible: your proposal looks good to me and the project size is okay :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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