GSoC 2022: Project-ode15{i,s}

Hello All,
I want to work on ode15{i,s}.My doubt is, whether the project is about further more implementation of ode15{i,s} also interaction with other data types (or) implementation of other ode solvers.
Here’s the link

I know it is simple doubt,but for my confirmation

Thanks for your interest in Octave. The experts of the project are @cdf, @Marco_Caliari, and @schoeps.

No new function shall be implemented according to the description, ode15i, ode15s, and decic already exist in Octave.

However, decic can be made more Matlab compatible using the stated paper and the ode15x functions should support the single-precision data type (I guess) and the interpolation methods can be improved.

okk Thank you sir

@kalyan thanks for your initiative but let me mention that your interest in GSoC 2022 comes rather early. I don’t think that Google announced yet that they will fund another round (however, I would be surprised if they cancel it). Also, there may be new/different projects in 2022.

Nonetheless, contributions are obviously very welcome at any time! However, I cannot support you right now, sorry. Maybe some of the other colleagues can.

Ok, forgot about gsoc-2022.Now i want to contribute without considering gsoc-2022.
Can you specify the exact goals of that project?

Sorry, the answer is no. Currently, I cannot do this. However, perspective gsoc students typically fix one or more (small) Octave bugs on their own before applying to show that they are able to read and write code. So I recommend to do that if you want to prepare your potential gsoc 2022 application already today.

P.S. Please do not send private messages. Keep the forum in the loop.

Ohh ok,I’ll work on that