GSoC 2022 Symbolic package project blog

Hi Octave,

I’ve created a public blog for the Google Summer of Code 2022 Symbolic package project. It is basically a git repository with markdown files and a README linking to those markdown files. I’ll provide weekly updates about the project to keep everyone informed.

Thank you for your blog. Does it have a news feed (RSS, Atom)? Then I can automatically pull your posts to this Discourse forum.

Unfortunately not at the moment, as the blog is basically a git repo… I can paste the links in this thread for those interested in this project.

Week 1 Report is now ready!

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Thanks @alexvong1995, great progress so far!

Looking ahead a bit to the “long-term maintenance” aspect of the project: I think we’re going to need to think about tracker issue for non-Expr in matrices · Issue #1124 · cbm755/octsympy · GitHub

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