Help in installing "statistics-1.4.3" package

Hi all,

I’m trying to install the statistics package on my pc.
I’ve downloaded ‘statistics-1.4.3’ from ‘GNU Octave - Packages’.

In the command line, I’ve written ’

pkg install -forge statistics-1.4.2

and after several seconds I got this written to me from the system:

error: get_forge_pkg: package not found: “statistics-1.4.3”. Did you mean “statistics”?
error: called from
get_forge_pkg at line 95 column 5
get_forge_download at line 32 column 14
pkg at line 535 column 31

Then, I’ve modify the command to ’

pkg install -forge statistics

', and the system wrote back:

error: could not copy …\install-conditionally\models\private: no files to move
error: called from
conditional_installation at line 62 column 7
make: *** [Makefile:49: all] Error 1
make: Entering directory ‘/tmp/oct-5vxeZt/statistics-1.4.3/src’
cp …/ …/INDEX
–eval ‘addpath (“…/utils”);’
–eval ‘conditional_installation (“…/install-conditionally”, “…/inst”, false, “…/INDEX”);’
make: Leaving directory ‘/tmp/oct-5vxeZt/statistics-1.4.3/src’

error: pkg: error running ‘make’ for the statistics package
error: called from
configure_make at line 117 column 9
install at line 202 column 7
pkg at line 603 column 9

Device specifications:
Windows 10 Pro
64-bit operating system
Intel i9

What should I do in order to successfully install the statistics package?
I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Uri Breiman

The statistics package is included in the installer of Octave for Windows. You don’t need to install it separately. Just load it with pkg load statistics.


Thank you very much @mmuetzel :grinning: