Help with gnu octave


  • To be able to simulate the power quality analyses, one should first have a set of data to process.
  • This activity requires each student to create a script in MATLAB that creates a synthetic data with the following specifications:
    1 The inputs are:
    1.1 “.png” image file of the base “characteristic curve”
    1.2 “n” number of data points along x-axis
    1.3 “y-max”
    1.4 “y-min”
    1.5 “y-start”
    1.6 “p” boolean option if the data is periodic or not
    1.6.1 [true] “m” number of periods (the y-last should connect to y-first)
    1.7 “s” number of degree of smoothing
    1.8 “.png” image file of the base “trend curve” (this has all the features as in 1.2-1.7)
    2 The outputs are:
    2.1 “xy data” of the final curve in table format
    2.2 “graph” of the curve “for each manipulation” done through 1.2-1.8

Let us know how it goes! If you have and specific issues you can ask for tips, but people aren’t keen on just doing homework for students.