Histogram with points

I am trying to plot histogram from my collected statistical data. As we know, the key function is hist . But I need to provide red points in my histogram as illustrated in attached Figure

. I would be so grateful if you could explain how to obtain the attached figure.

My system

we might be able to help if you provide some info about the red points. what do they represent exactly? what determines their vertical coordinate?

Of course. The X axis represents “time delay” of a system (in nanosecond), and the Y axis shows “number of occurrence” or “number of iteration”, or “number of Samples” (with ratio scale of 1000 = K). The total number of red points in this Fig is 5000 (total number of samples). Each red points represents the value of associated “time delay”, for example 5ns, 5.01ns,… In other words, each red point corresponds the value of statistical data.

Yes, that matches what I thought, but it doesn’t tell us what y value is used to place each red dot vertically. Is each set at a particular x value just evenly distributed over the vertical range of the bin its in? Hard to tell but it looks like there may be vertical gradients, so that may not be the case.

What y value is used to place any one red point?

If you have the x and y coordinates of the point you want to draw, check the scatter function.

The red points values do not relate to the Y value. In other words, the closer the X value, the nearer the red points. Thanks again.

I will have a try. thanks