How to stop the command window command line from advancing without prompting

When in the command window the cursor advances to a new line down the screen about every 10-15 seconds without doing anything manually (no input, just watching the screen). The prompt doesn’t advance, there is just a blank line. The cursor does advance, without the prompt. This also occurs when inputting characters (typing) and will break the input into multiple lines (also without a new prompt symbol for the new lines.
What is wrong, and how do I stop it from doing this?
I installed on a Lenovo T480, Windows 10 OS using the Octave-6.1.0-w64-installer.exe into the default folder, which was C:\Users\mcwillj3\AppData\Local\Programs
This folder seemed an odd default choice, but I went with it.
Thank you

This is a known issue described in bug #50692. Unfortunately, there it only occurs on some window systems and there are still no information about what makes these systems special and what makes the cursor advancing.

If you have any new observations, like, e.g., the exact seconds of a minute when the cursor advances, please feel free to add these to the bug report.

Thank you, that is a unfortunate, looks like it has been a bug for a long time.