How to use export_fig toolbox of matlab in Octave

Hello dear all,
I am trying to use export_fig toolbox of Matlab in Octave. But I have got an error as follow,

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error: ‘handle’ undefined near line 370, column 370

The ‘handle’ function is not yet implemented in Octave.

Please read to learn how you can
contribute missing functionality.
error: called from
export_fig at line 370 column 15
plot_init_date_SST at line 78 column 1

handle.m function looks like a built-in function in Matlab.

Anyone can help me? Thanks.

Kindly regards,


I’m assuming, you are referring to the export_fig toolbox by altmany:
altmany/export_fig: A MATLAB toolbox for exporting publication quality figures (

I couldn’t find documentation for Matlab’s handle function. But looking at how it is used in export_fig it probably returns a graphics handle object corresponding to a double class input:
export_fig/export_fig.m at master · altmany/export_fig (
Octave hasn’t implemented a graphics handle class yet. So that function isn’t available.

Reading a little further from that line, it looks like that part of the code is about handling uifigure objects (which Octave doesn’t have). So it might be possible to skip that entire section on Octave.

But it also looks like the function relies on Matlab’s undocumented 'JavaFrame' property (at least in that part of the file). There are no plans to supporting that property in Octave. In fact, Octave’s graphics don’t use Java at all. So it is very unlikely it will ever implement that undocumented property.
In the light of that, it might require more changes for that function to support Octave.
You could either try that yourself (given that export_fig is distributed with BSD 3-clause license). Or try to reach out to the author of export_fig and ask whether he might be interested in supporting Octave for his toolbox.