HTML index for GitLab runner using gnuoctave/octave docker image

Hi all,

I am runnning this script in GitLab to generate reports continuously

image: gnuoctave/octave:6.2.0

  ## Instal tools
  - add-apt-repository universe
  - apt-get update
  - apt-get install tree
  - octave --eval "pkg install"

  ## Build reports
  - cd inst
  - octave --eval "publish elemeff_script_compare_sampling.m"
  ## Generate index
  - cd html
  - tree -P "*.html" -H > index.html
  - cd ..
  - mv html/ ../public/

    - public
  - master

There was the issue of creating an index, I am using tree. Does anybody has a better solution?

What’s wrong with tree? If it works for you then no reason to change.

If it isn’t working for you, what is going wrong?

There is nothing wrong with tree. I was just asking if anybody has alternative workflows, one can always learn.
One might say that the output of tree is very basic, and any CSS needs to be introduced by hand. Maybe somebody has a trick already. Just that.

I think there is no need for something to be wrong or broken, to ask about it.

@kakila Sorry for not providing much help regarding the tree issue.

I was just curious which “runner” do you use? Do you have an own machine or do you make use of the GitLabs shared runners:

All your CI/CD jobs run on n1-standard-1 instances with 3.75GB of RAM, CoreOS and the latest Docker Engine installed. Instances provide 1 vCPU and 25GB of HDD disk space. The default region of the VMs is US East1. Each instance is used only for one job, this ensures any sensitive data left on the system can’t be accessed by other people their CI jobs.

Is this free of charges and “fast” enough to get CI/CD done?

I use the shared runners. I do not do professional CI/CD, for what I do (mainly running tests and compiling the documentation) it is more than enough (note also that the jobs are limited to max 1 hour, I never went over 10 minutes).
It would be nice to have a bare bones octave docker image (just cli, no doc, no gui) to make the runner with octave lighter, but it works.

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